A downloadable game for Windows

Martes is a game about a space explorer who only has only one unit of energy left in their tank. 

Robots are coming at you and you've got to protect your base. Destroy then with your energy blast and then collide into them to get your energy back. Be careful though, robots are only affected by blasts of their own color!

*Please watch the video before playing*


WASD - Movement

Left mouse button - Charge/Shoot blaster

F - Fullscreen

Design/Programming by Conradical's Games

Music by Aria Disconnect

Install instructions

Download Zip and unzip.


Martes.zip 6 MB


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Short, sweet and fun little game! definitely a good one!


Glad you liked it! :D


I like this a lot! The sound effects are really enjoyable and funny! Having a high score to show what the player's highest score would be a nice addition.

Thank you so much! Yeah I agree, would have made it better but oh well, there's always next time!


Really good game, especially for being made in 48 hours! Well done :)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)