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Once upon a time, there was a ninja called Ryuusei. Ryuusei was a very greedy ninja, and loved stealing candy from others. The Blue, Orange, and Green ninjas were fed up with this... And decided to do something about it. Now, Ryuusei must protect himself and kill as many opposing ninjas as he can in 30 seconds in order to protect his beloved candy! The infamous ninja can shoot SHURIKENS using the 4 directional keys and can crouch with the spacebar to keep himself protected from running ninjas. Ryuusei can also use the magical Combostone to rack up a higher score the more ninjas he kills in a short period of time... However, Ryuusei is a ninja proud of his accuracy. If he is to miss a SHURIKEN, he will lose 5 seconds off his 30 second timer. Player! I ask you to guide Ryuusei in his journey to protect his candy and get the highest score possible! Please protect him, and the best of luck!

-Ryuusei's Grandpa

(Part of the introductory cutscene)

Shuriken is an intense arcade game that tests the limit of your reaction time! Throw Shurikens in one of 4 directions using the directional keys in order to dispatch as many enemy ninjas in 30 seconds. You can also press space to block any incoming enemies and kill them on touch. The bright sprite to the top right of the screen is the comborock. The more enemies you kill in a certain amount of time, the brighter it shines, and the more points you gain for killing more enemies!


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